Join the revolution

Sky notes is committed to matching the correct person with the correct job and company. We have access to thousands of applicants looking for a match.

We know what it takes and who it takes to make a match work.

Our mission is to take you to the front of the queue.

Ready to recruit?

We are committed to matching the correct candidate with the correct position.

With 24 years in sales, it makes sense that we specialise in filling positions for:

call centre sales and customer service, retail store sales, field sales.

We take the guess work and desperation out of your hiring.

And when we find the perfect MATCH, great things happen.

How does it Work?

Sky Notes is not a recruitment agency.

We base our model on high volume distribution of job applications to employers. 

We charge an agreed amount per candidate or a for a batch of candidates.

 We will fulfill an employer's request within 48 hours with screened, qualifying candidates.

 We are also open to any requests that do not fall within the parameters of your initial request.

We don't charge candidates to register with us.

Together with our e-learning courses we are on a mission to make more people employable.