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Why should you consider this sales managers course

Do you realise that it is easier to be a good leader than a poor manager? In the long run, it actually takes much less time and effort to effectively lead people than to ineffectively manage them. That’s because good leaders are able to get the most out of their people, creating a team cohesiveness that drives sales with efficiency and effectiveness. They operate with maximal focus and minimal wasted effort .

Think back over your sales career and count the number of really good managers you’ve had. You know, the ones who brought out the best in you. The ones who made your sales job exciting challenging, and rewarding. The ones you could trust. Have you gotten past five fingers yet? Probably not. The Big Irony of sales is this: The ones who are most likely to become sales managers—salespeople—are usually the ones least prepared for the job.

Couple that phenomenon with a lack of management training, and you have sales-fails waiting to happen. Ill prepared and under pressure to deliver results, many managers seek shortcuts, giving in to management fads and cookie-cutter approaches to sales management.

Many fall prey to metrics addiction, which takes them further away from the basics. We sometimes forget that selling is a uniquely personal process composed of one person relating to another in a way that produces a sale.

Sales management’s primary job is really pretty simple. It’s not reaching sales goals. And it’s not improving sales productivity or increasing company profitability. It is sales rep development, pure and simple. Everything else—goal attainment, sales productivity, and profitability—follows reps who are well prepared.

Doing so requires the sales manager to embrace the complexities of human behavior from the rep’s viewpoint and the customer’s. There are simply no shortcuts. There’s no app for that. But we keep looking, and often we keep getting further and further away from our salespeople and our customers.

It’s a sad truth that a huge number of sales managers are either ineffective at best or, at worst, outright counterproductive. The impact of unproductive sales managers is huge, especially considering that more 10% of the South African work force works in sales.

We are talking hundreds of millions of rands in inefficiency.

This sales manager’s course is designed for those that are already in a sales managers role and for those that are preparing themselves for a sales managers role.

It focuses on developing your personal efficiencies and effectiveness first, how to unleash greatness from individuals in your team and how to build a winning team.

Duration: Start studying anytime, estimated duration is 20 days with tests included

Difficulty: Intermediate

Course Instructor

Kenny Author

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