RE 5 – Representative Exams

Welcome to the FAIS representative RE 5 exam preparation course

Please note that this is an online course which means there is no class room tution involved.

If you need class room tuition then contact us at Workshops from R1000 with all training material and 5 mock exams.

Please note that these practice exams are not a replacement but a source for preparation for the FSB Regulatory Exams. You are required to register separately with an independent FSB examination body e.g. Moonstone to write your Regulatory Exam.

You have 2 options to start studying:

Option 1- Access to the INSETA study material which you can download together with the exam preparation document. You also have access to download our Sky Notes developed training manual that focuses only on the specific tasks and criteria that are exam relevant. And then you have access to the 5 multiple choice mock exams. Cost - R650

Option 2- Only access to the 5 multiple choice mock exams.  Cost- R350

You need to start studying as soon as possible and before you register for the exams.

The criteria that the study material will focus on which is relevant to the exams:    

  • Execute the required actions as a Representative in terms of the FAIS Act

  • Contribute to maintaining a FSP License.

  • Adhere to the specific obligations in terms of the relevant Code of Conduct and other subordinate legislation.

  • Apply knowledge of financial products.

  • Awareness of consequences for Representative that have been found to act fraudulently, or committed any other act that gives rise to debarment.

  • Align with execution of duties and actions with the compliance requirements.

  • Carry out the proper record keeping activities.

  • Adhere to the requirements of FICA and other relevant anti-money laundering legislation, as it applies to the FSP.

The mock exam is done online with a timer of 120 minutes. Assessment 1 is for free, there only 50 questions and just to give you an example of how it works. 

The rest of the assessments have 50 questions each. At the end of each assessment you will receive your pass mark percentage; and the correct answers.

You can choose to download all the 50 questions and the correct answers after your attempt. You will also have the option of re-attempting each assessment should you not attain the passing percentage of 66%.

The mock exams consists of  50 multiple-choice questions (MCQs) each.  This allows you to assess your own RE 5 exams readiness.

Please note that even though Assessment 1 says FREE you need to register first to access it. 

Should you wish to proceed with the rest of the assessments then you will need to pay the course fee of R650 or R350.


Course Information

Estimated Time: 20 days allocating 2 hours per day

Difficulty: Intermediate

Course Instructor

Kenny Author

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