Call Centre Consultant Course


The call centre industry is a growing industry with many job opportunities. Not just job opportunities, but also different careers that become possible for many that join the call centre at any level.

There are many examples of employees that joined as agents and went in to become team leaders, sales managers, business development executives, training and recruitment facilitators,  IT professionals, human resource specialists, legal advisors and even managing directors and some owning their own call centres.

Being employed in a call call centre can also have many spin offs if you decide to leave the call centre industry. With the experience that you gain in the call centre industry you can branch out into advertising, branding, recruitment, entrepreneur, coaching, account manager, IT personnel, human resources.

This course has been designed for those that have no exposure to the contact centre industry and would like to gain knowledge of this industry. This course will assist you in getting a foot in the door. The course is divided into different sections that will focus on equipping you to be successful in any contact centre environment. Types of call centres that we will focus on:

  1. Outbound telesales.
  2. Inbound customer service and sales.
  3. Inbound technical customer service

The course will focus on:

  • the agent’s job description for each of the above types of call centres.
  • technology for each type of call centre
  • the requirements and expectations for each agent description
  • telephone skills
  • dealing with different type of customers and clients
  • communication skills
  • listening skills
  • question skills
  • technical skills
  • time management
  • personal motivation
  • importance of quality in the call centre
  • legislation and compliance in a call centre
  • career pathing in a call centre


Course Information

Estimated Time: 10 days allocating 2 hours per day

Difficulty: Intermediate

Course Instructor

Sky Notes Author

Call Centre agent

1 month of access

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